About Our Products

FightVit™ is designed to help you significantly improve your performance and get closer to your goal, whether in combat or extreme sports. Its effectiveness is without doubt. FightVit™ noticeably enhanced the physical and mental capacities of wrestlers, martial arts fighters and serious athletes. Try it and see for yourself.

FightVit™ Vitamins are a blend of natural extracts, including Guarana, Gotu kola, ginseng and green tea. These natural ingredients have been proven beneficial to heightening combat effectiveness and making you a better fighter and athlete. Blood flow is increased to all muscle tissue, which helps achieve greater oxygenation and aids in staving off fatigue. FightVit™ Vitamins also work actively on the CNS system, facilitating neuronal activity and sensory response by increasing alertness and stepping up reaction times. Our vitamins give you the edge you need to be a warrior and a champion.

The Energy Shot by FightVit™ provides additional energy to your workouts, optimizes your skills in combat and helps you find your inner strength. The Energy Shot by FightVit™ gives you the essential energy needed to make the most of your body during a fight or workout. Using L-Carnitine, which occurs naturally in food, our Energy Shot gives you power by transporting long-chain fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they are transformed into energy. Along with a balanced diet and proper exercise routine, the Energy Shot by FightVit™ will help you lose weight, by more efficiently transforming fatty acids into energy. Several studies have shown that nutrients in energy shots optimize the performance of athletes and improve their recovery process, so even amateur athletes can benefit from them. For combat and extreme sports athletes, our Energy Shot is what is needed to bring out the warrior, and the best, in you.

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